So the latest craze to start the year off is none other than the supposedly “shocking” performance of Alyssa Rosales (so called) and her rather uninterested dog.  But what exactly is new here? Dont get me wrong, im not saying its cool to go round fucking dogs, but lets not pretend we havent seen it a million times before. You can go to and be presented with dog fucking all day long even when you dont want to see that stuff. Apparently, the high skool teens of the USA love a bit of dog tearing out the back of them! Its all the rage.

Moving on….

Wen i heard about this video, i just had to see what the hype was about. Not because i like dog fucking, but because all i kept hearing was “oh its sick” and other crap..usually this kind of stuff is more shit than sick, but some ppl love it so who am i to disagree? ..anyway,  i found the video and took a look. So…Lets (in an unperverted way) examine what weve seen with this video…

The first thing i notice is that so called Alyssa is actually a bit of alright! I wouldnt think twice about wanting to be a dog hanging out the back of her. Then i notice the setup…looks real enough right…maybe! I then notice shes done this before…theres no way youd fuck a dog for the first time and do it with so much “enjoyment”. …which brings me to my final point…. her noises! The only girls ive ever heard using sexual noises like “fnarr” and terms like “ooh yes fukk me arrr” are porn stars.

So who is Alyssa?

I did a little research and didnt find much other than a million facebook accounts by people pretending to be Alyssa just to keep the video on facebook, like its the only place on earth that exists on the internet. 700 million members and probably 650mil hav no idea what a URL bar is and type full web addresses into google.  Other than that i found a few criminal mugshots of Alyssa…..which looked nothing like alyssa, but apparently to facebook internet pervs, any resemblence of being a girl means “its definately her”. ….so…..if you ask me…she doesnt exist. Of course the video does…but Alyssa Rosales does not.

So really…who is she?

Who cares? … the fact that theres so many fake accounts with no real “alyssa” stepping forward publicly, leads me to think this video is just another viral idea for advertising. The real alyssa was probably some crackhead porn star paid £250 to fuck her dog. Most of the USA has no law against mounting an animal, so you have to understand thats millions, maybe billions of people all around you that really see no problem in it. Therefore there would be no shame in making a video displaying such activity. And..once your paid to shoot the video…you dont get a say in where it goes, or how famous it becomes.

Advertising what?

We live in a new world where people are inventing jobs just to fill up the need for workers. You can get a certificate in learning how to fill in forms nowadays!!! People invent new ways of making money all the time. Viral videos have many ways of generating income, but nothing is as popular as a forbidden video!  imagine the income generated from displaying ads on your site with a million hits a day! thats a lotta money!

Facebook virals also have another motive…they want your email address! As soon as you like, or comment on a video, your opening up your email address to the account owner. All they have to do then is a quick search and you wouldnt beleive what you could find! …address no problem! People dont realise how much of there life is on the internet, and how easy it is to access it. It wont be long before our census forms are auto submitted via stuff we type on facebook and google. The UK government have already recognised that facebook holds more useable info than the census forms could.

Who would want my address?

About a billion scam artists all over the world. All you need are a few simple details and hey presto…a credit card! You have to be careful on facebook. On my account i have a few fakers, theyre quite easy to spot, but for some reason out of there maxed out friends list, im the only one who can see it! They usually consist of teenage american girls in bikinis who look nothin like each other but apparently are “the same person”. A million “omg your so sexy” quotes from sad blokes who make themselves beleive that each pic really is the same girl, even tho “last weeks” pic they had tattoos!!

So american chiks want my details?

No lol… but the chinese,thai and other asian countries do!  These accounts are always setup by either some 14 year old thai girl who takes on 15 personalities, links all accounts and has conversations between them like thats normal behaviour… or, a 56 year old nigerian man whos gotten bored of selling pallets of invisible laptops!  They take something not so spectacular….and boom make it famous! All you need to do is create a simple story “i lost the bet” or “see what the top grade student did when she got drunk”. If your not supposed to see it…then everyone wants to see it! and they need to do is see it once….and youve helped em onto being rich!!

Ive gotten bored of typing now and i feel im going off subject…. ill end with this …

If you like fukking dogs……see how much you like hepatitus!!!

also…if u do kno the real alyssa..let me know, so i can dress up like a dog!!!